Let's Talk/Let’s work together

1- Becoming a SS Sales Partner

Want to work with us or maybe want to know us a little better. Just fill up this form, and we'll contact you within 24-48 working hours!

2- Buying from us

We at SS Sales are always thinking of ways to enhance our customer’s buying experience, hence we have kept our processes very simple and easy to follow.


3- Area of operations

Area: Our scope of operations includes the whole of the UK.

4- Delivery Mode

London and Outer London: We deliver by hand In London and all areas around London, significantly reducing our lead time, which means we can deliver within 24 hours of first receiving the order.

Others: We have partnered with one of the most reliable courier services for your orders timely and safe delivery. We have been successfully delivering all our orders in the rest of the UK, 97% of times within 24-48 working hours from the time our customers first place the order.

Some of the key vital factors that separate us from others:

  1. Customised Web Platform to track Serial numbers of Calling Cards and Top Up Vouchers.
  2. Platform login to check any card returned or damaged etc.
  3. Invoice and Stock delivery with serial numbers.
  4. Dedicated, secure and Specialised Delivery team.
  5. Same Day Delivery in London Depots for orders received by 2 pm and Next Day for Outside London.
  6. Guarantee of all Stock supplied till expiry of cards.
  7. Professional set up from Customer Services to Delivery (As I was head of Sales for Lebara Mobile UK Limited and was instrumental in bringing physical mobile vouchers in the market back in 2007).
  8. Part of $100 million dollar group with businesses ranging from software development to Asia’s largest.

Let’s work together